"Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is doing new things."

-Theodore Levitt


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Innovation is often misunderstood as being "too risky", "hard to manage", and "unpredictable".

"We simplify the innovation process and create an environment for innovation with management mechanisms to monitor and control both financial and product risk."

We develop existing activities and align the R&D and innovation pipeline across three areas:

1) Disruption: is the playground for the future. We work with clients to dedicate 5% - 15% of projects to this area.

2) Innovation: is where competitive advantage is constantly revisited; new solutions and better products are built here. We work with clients to create 20% - 35% of projects in this area.

3) Growth: is the current "annuity" activities of an organization. We work with clients to optimize 50% - 75% of projects in this area. 

On Google restructuring into Alphabet.